Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spelbinder 2 Unknown Series


  1. when i first saw spellbinder thn i was too young.later on i have seen this again within couple of days.when i have finished watching this serial i found myself crying.wish i could be in this serial.That touches my heart.love u lauren.i will remember u untill my death.ur such a cute n lovly girl.u`ll always be in my heart.i cant explain how much i feel the serial.again i love u lauren....wish i could meet u in my real life time...

  2. ITS ALMOST more than 10 years since the first time i watched that series and now 2014 i still watching it and yes i feel great

    now im 25 years old but the legacy of spellbinder always remember

    the best tv series i ever watch

    wish can see u someday Lauren god bless u and family keep acting

    wish there a movie named spellbinder (The Return ) where season 1 and season 2 actor and story line combine together and making the story even more adventure and exciting

  3. Oh btw this blog is fake